Davide Martello, The Piano Man in The Millennial Way Show

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EPISODE 112!! 🎹 Our next guest has become a symbol of hope in the midst of an insane invasion. #russianukrainianwar  Davide Martello is a pianist that brings his music 🎶 full of hope & joy, just few seconds of happiness to thousands of Ukrainian refugees that are crossing the border with Poland everyday since the Russian invasion started on feb. 24. 🎹 His message as simple, but at the same as complex is this: STOP THE WAR!!

We found him, we spoke with him and we show you why this 40’s year old German- Italian former hairdresser is doing what his doing. The full interview on our YouTube channel The MillennialWay Show- Empowering the New Generations.

#thepowerofmusic #DavideMartello #pianoman #ukrainepolandborder #stopwar #inspiring #artist #refugees #TMWS #TheMillennialWayShow

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