Scarlett Arana | Co-Producer The Bridge Multiverse. How to enjoy Burning Man from the virtuality?

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EPISODE 76! Scarlett Arana, Co-Producer The Bridge Multiverse.

Is Virtual Burning Man the Internet’s Ultimate Test?

The cyberdelic extravaganza is online for the first time because of the pandemic. But maybe that’s not as strange as it might seem. @nytimes Featuring Scarlett Arana coordinator of MetaBurn The Bridge Experience “Recognized Universe of the Burning Man Multiverse”. 

From the desert of Nevada to the virtuality of your screen. This year Burning Man goes digital. Experience the burn from your virtual device. Scarlett Arana co-producer of one of the eight multiverse join us to explain us how we can all participate in this massive virtual gathering.

Instead of canceling a massive music event they preferred to take it totally digital with virtual reality included for a unique experience. Burnin Man 2020 – How entertainment has changed thanks to COVID-19?
We talked with Scarlett Arana | Co-Producer The Bridge Multiverse. Burning Man from the virtuality. Episode 75! #TMWS


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